About Toner Inc ReBox

Toner Inc Ltd was established in 2004 and our Registered Trade Mark is synonymous with the sustainable procurement of printer cartridges.

We created our ReBox brand in order to market genuine, original printer cartridges (for example HP, Samsung, Brother, Canon, Lexmark, Xerox and many other major brands) by replacing scuffed, torn and slightly damaged retail packaging with a new plain white box.

Why ReBox and not use the existing damaged retail packaging?

Under our Quality Control Accreditations ISO 9001 & ISO14001, we are obliged to ensure that all products offered for sale meet the very strict criteria of the ISO conformity assessment. This involves a set of processes that show that our products meet the requirements of a consistently high quality standard. As part of this process we take the cartridge out of its original damaged retail packaging and thoroughly inspect it for any form of damage. Cartridges that have successfully passed through this process are then re-boxed and sealed to avoid any further doubt or contamination. The old retail packaging is then correctly recycled.

Outstanding Value Our ReBox cartridges give you outstanding financial value when compared printer cartridges in their original manufacturer’s retail packaging. Indeed you get a genuine, original cartridge guaranteed 100% by us whilst making a huge financial saving! The only thing you don’t get is the original retail packaging. Apart from the huge financial saving there is also a significant bonus for the environment – read on…

The Greenest way to purchase printer cartridges

It cannot be denied that every printer cartridge sold into the UK and Europe has already incurred a heavy carbon footprint due to the distance travelled from the point of manufacture (primarily the Far East) to the consumer. This carbon footprint is increased still further via recycling programmes whereby used and unused cartridges (those not fit for re-sale due to damaged retail packaging) are shipped back to manufacturing plants to be re-utilised or disposed of. Purchasing your genuine, original printer cartridges from ReBox automatically eliminates any additional and unnecessary ‘across the world shipping’ which can only benefit the environment.

Great Delivery Service

Over 95% of orders placed before 4.00pm are delivered next business day (UK Mainland) and for a £3.00 supplement you can arrange for a pre-12.00 (mid-day) delivery, next business day.

No Risk

Toner Inc has been successfully selling printer cartridges throughout Europe since 2004. The Company has very high Quality Control Accreditations (ISO 9001 &14001), coupled with a no quibble Money Back Guarantee to all our customers.

At Toner Inc ReBox, the entire Team here looks forward to saving you money on your printer cartridge purchases and also helping to increase your environmental credentials.